Rogue 38" Umbrella (White) with Diffuser

38" Umbrella is Perfect for Travel

Are you tired of having to replace your umbrellas every time you crimp one of the thin metal rods?  Our durable photographic umbrellas will hold up to the demands of travel and working on location because they're made with flexible fiberglass rods that won't crimp or break.

Rogue 38" Umbrella with Diffuser

  • Made with flexible fiberglass rods that will not crimp
  • Heavy duty metal push button locking mechanism
  • 38" umbrella is perfect for travel (just 23" long when folded closed)
  • The 38" white umbrella is a snap to setup, and is ideal for use when lighting subjects for half or full length portraits.

    The Rogue 38" umbrella's white interior fabric produces a soft white light that provides sufficient light spread to shoot full length portraits.  If desired, you can also cover the front of the umbrella with the included natural white diffuser to make an even softer light with a wider dispersion.

  • Contents:

    • (1) 38" white umbrella
    • (1) natural white diffuser for 38" umbrella
    • (1) 24" storage bag

    Does NOT include flash, light strand, or umbrella bracket.

    Attaching the Diffuser

    It's easy to attach the diffuser to the front of the 38" umbrella. Just place the closed umbrella through the hole in the center of the diffuser, and then open the umbrella.

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