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ExpoImaging, Inc.

10 Oct, 2023, 08:57 ET

The new ExpoDisc v3 gets even better with improved wide spectrum white balance calibration for better color in open shade, a new bayonet quick mount, and a thinner, lighter design.

WATSONVILLE, Calif., Oct. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- ExpoImaging, Inc., designers of innovative photographic accessories and creators of the ExpoDisc white balance filter, has introduced the ExpoDisc v3 Professional White Balance Filter for still photographers and videographers.

  • New full spectrum white balance delivers improved white balance across the visible spectrum and beyond into the near infrared IR spectrum
  • New 14% light transmission profile has been adjusted to be consistent with most digital light meters and delivers a better exposure on digital cameras
  • New bayonet mount for quick attachment and removal from lenses
  • New thinner design is easier to hold over the lens and more comfortable in your pocket when not being used
  • Assembled, tested, and certified for accuracy in the USA

ExpoDisc v3 Full Spectrum White Balance: Even Better White Balance in the Visible Spectrum and Beyond

The improved performance of the new materials even extends into the near infrared spectrum (700-2200nm), and now enables use of the ExpoDisc v3 for setting white balance when photographing with an IR camera.

New Bayonet Mount Allows for Quick Attachment and Removal from Lenses

The ExpoDisc v3 filter is sized for use with 82mm lenses, and it can be comfortably held over the front of 82mm or smaller lenses. For photographers who prefer to mount the ExpoDisc to their lens, the ExpoDisc v3 incorporates a new bayonet mount to quickly attach the ExpoDisc to their lens using the new 82mm or 77mm ExpoDisc v3 step rings. Standard third-party step rings (sold separately) can also be combined with the 82mm or 77mm ExpoDisc v3 step rings to attach the ExpoDisc to smaller lenses.

Thinner and Lighter

ExpoDisc v3 is thinner and lighter than previous ExpoDisc models at only 9mm thin and just 1 oz. This makes ExpoDisc v3 easier to hold over your lens when setting a white balance, and more comfortable to slip into your pocket when you're not using it.

Still Assembled, Tested, and Certified in the USA for Accuracy

Every ExpoDisc v3 is assembled, tested and certified at ExpoImaging's California facility on a transmission spectrophotometer to ensure its neutrality. This is important because a non-neutral white balance tool will introduce a color cast to images. ExpoDisc v3's quality control process ensures that every ExpoDisc v3 meets strict standards for light transmission in order to deliver good color balance and accuracy.

Available Online and Through Specialty Photographic Resellers

ExpoDisc v3 Professional White Balance Filters are available through specialty photo dealers and online at The retail price of the ExpoDisc v3 remains unchanged at $49.95. Multi lingual instructions for the ExpoDisc v3 are available for download and currently available in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.

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